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The McMinnville UFO

The McMinnville UFO It’s hard to believe but these two old photos are among the most famous UFO photographs ever taken. It was May 11, 1950, Paul and Evelyn Trent were on their farm about nine miles from McMinnville, Oregon. Evelyn saw it first, something strange flying in the sky. She got Paul, who grabbed his camera, and took two photographs of the flying object. A local newspaper first published them but then Life magazine heard about it and featured them in their June 26, 1950 edition. The Trents eventually passed away but their photos have continued to intrigue ever since. Ever since they were first published, photo experts have analyzed the photos and negatives and they have all come to the same conclusion: The photos really depict a solid object in the sky. Is it an alien spaceship, secret military project, a plate thrown in the air? They don’t know, but whatever it is, it is in those photos. There is still so much that is unknown about conditions under which the photos were taken, such as the weather or camera settings. Experts only had the negative and the photo to go by. When I was a child and saw the photos, they screamed hoax to me. But then I saw an in-depth examination on television where all my amateur theories of how it was done were all debunked. I thought I was smart – my little ideas had been thought of and checked many years before I came along. So what did the Trents see in the sky that morning? No one really knows. Is it really a hoax? No one can say for sure, but for the past 60 years the photographs have been ruled authentic.

The Falcon Lake Incident

The Falcon Lake Incident The Falcon Lake Incident is a reported unidentified flying object (UFO) encounter that occurred near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, in Canada. On May 20, 1967, Stefan Michalak was on vacation and doing some prospecting for quartz near the lake. All of a sudden, he spotted two glowing objects hovering in front of him. One took off and left the area, the other descended and landed approximately 150 feet from him. The craft was silvery in color, brilliantly lit, and approximately 35 feet in diameter. He described “colorful glass” around where the object landed and he attempted to touch some of it, burning his hand. He reported that he saw some type of door open on the object and could hear “voices” emanating from inside. He tried to make contact in English and then in another language, but received no response. Then the object closed up and suddenly lifted off, leaving the area. The craft had a grid exhaust vent that blasted some type of hot gas as it lifted off and this exhaust struck Michalak in the chest, knocking him flat on his back, setting his shirt and undershirt on fire. It was severely painful and left burn marks on his chest in the shape of the grid. In the days that followed, Michalak grew sick and in the next few weeks, he suffered from severe headaches, nausea, blackouts, diarrhea, and unexplained weight loss. These are all symptoms of radiation burns. However, doctors were unable to find anything wrong which would cause the symptoms. They were also unable to give a rational reason for the grid-like burns on his chest, other that Michalak’s own explanation.

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The Planets

------- The ancient Greeks looked into the night and saw that some of the brightest stars were moving on a regular basis. They called them “wanderers”—planets. A few thousand years later, humanity itself has become the planetary wanderer, by sending robots to explore them. Rovers crawl on the surface of Mars; a lander clings precariously to a comet; a spacecraft swooshes past Pluto. The questions posed by these probes are not all that different from those of our forebears: How did the solar system come to be? Is Earth the only place where the ingredients for life were catalyzed into the real thing? Robotic planetary exploration began a half century ago with sobering reality checks: our nearest neighbors—the moon, Mars and Venus—were fairly horrible places for life. More recently, scientists have been intrigued by not-so-inhospitable conditions in the icy worlds of the outer solar system—moons such as Europa, Titan, and Enceladus. Now, the race is on to look past the edge of the solar system and into the planetary gardens of our galactic neighbors. New astronomical tools have brought thousands of exoplanets into view; scientists are on the cusp of discovering a true Earth twin. Strange new planetary species abound, such as “hot Jupiters”, giant planets that hug their parent stars in an all-too-warm orbital embrace—evidence that, at least in other star systems, planets really do wander. The menagerie of exoplanets has provided new natural laboratories for scientists to test out models of planetary formation and evolution. As always, however, the questions remain roughly the same: Is the solar system a freakish accident, and Earth even more special? Or could there be fellow travelers on our fellow wanderers? Eric Hand is a staff writer who covers Earth and planetary science. Keith Smith Keith is Science’s associate editor for astronomy and planetary science, based in Cambridge, UK.

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Hillary Clinton's UFO investigation plans unlikely to achieve liftoff, experts say

Hillary Clinton's UFO investigation plans unlikely to achieve liftoff, experts say The Democratic frontrunner has said she would look into alleged spottings as president – but there may not be much to investigate A UFO is apparently seen in an image taken by Rex Heflin in California in 1965. Photograph: AP/Picture Library Adam Gabbatt@adamgabbatt Sunday 15 May 2016 07.30 EDT Last modified on Sunday 15 May 2016 07.31 EDT Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Share on Google+ Shares 1171 Comments 473 Save for later Hillary Clinton is entering uncharted territory in this presidential election. If she wins the White House, she would become the first female president, the first spouse of a former president to hold the office herself, and, possibly, the first president to have devoted time on the campaign trail to discussing UFOs. “There are enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen, making them up,” Clinton said in a radio interview in April. A month earlier, she had appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show, correcting Kimmel’s use of “UFO” to “UAP” – unidentified aerial phenomena. When Kimmel reminded Clinton that her husband, Bill, had looked for information while president and found nothing, she was defiant. “Well, I’m gonna do it again,” Clinton said. The pledges – she also told the told the Conway Daily Sun that she would “get to the bottom” of whether the government has tucked away information on aliens – are exciting UFO enthusiasts. But they are puzzling some experts on the subject. “I’m not quite sure what she thinks there is out there,” said Nick Pope, an author and journalist who used to investigate UFOs for the British government’s ministry of defence. Pope ran the British government’s UFO project from 1991 to 1994 (the investigation unit was wound up in 2009). But America’s own dedicated UFO research effort, called Project Blue Book, ended in 1969, Pope said. Clinton’s embrace of the UFO discussion has been credited to her campaign chairman, John Podesta. The New York Times reported that he ran an X-Files fan club while he worked under Bill Clinton in the White House, and wrote in a foreword for a book on UFOs that it was “time to pull back the curtain” on the subject. Podesta was a counsellor to Barack Obama until February 2015. Upon leaving the White House, he lamented that no new information on UFOs had been released. Advertisement “Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files,” Podesta tweeted. But Pope said there weren’t actually any “UFO files”. Since Project Blue Book ended, the US has not had a formal unit investigating UFOs. And the files from Blue Book are already available in the national archives. “Podesta’s statements, like Clinton’s statements,” he said, imply something “like in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, some kind of government warehouse where there’s something above and beyond the old Blue Book files.” “And as far as I know,” he added, “there isn’t.” Pope said that there may have been “ad hoc investigations done” when pilots saw something unusual in the sky, but they were not part of a “formally constituted research effort”. Ted Roe is the executive director of the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (Narcap), an independent body that collects reports from pilots and radar operators on unidentified aerial phenomena, the term apparently preferred by Clinton. Roe suspects the government may not be telling us everything it knows. hillary clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Facebook Twitter Pinterest Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel she would seek information on UAPs as president. Photograph: Randy Holmes/AP He recalled that Leslie Kean, a journalist who concentrates on UFOs, made a freedom of information request to the government regarding an incident in Pennsylvania. The government refused, and a lawsuit ensued. The government lost and was ordered to provide the files and documents relating to the Pennsylvania incident. Advertisement “Those documents were not forthcoming. She never did get them,” Roe said. “They claim they’re lost. So there may well be files that we don’t know about.” But if there are questions over what Clinton expects to be able to release, there are also questions as to why she would be discussing UFOs at all. “I just can’t understand what she’s playing at,” Pope said. “I can’t see there’s any votes in it. It’s not as if there’s some kind of swing vote middle ground that’s desperately keen on this issue. “And it’s an absolute gift to Donald Trump, because you can almost see him up at that podium saying: ‘I’m committed to American jobs for American workers and reinvigorating the economy and my opponent seems to be more interested in space aliens.’” Clinton’s interest in UFOs during an election cycle has raised the issue high enough that Barack Obama’s press secretary had to field questions on Area 51, the secretive Nevada air base, on Wednesday. Josh Earnest said he was “not aware of any plans the president has to make public any information about this”. Clinton would consider declassifying government documents related to UFOs Read more Area 51 has become synonymous with UFOs and extraterrestrials among some enthusiasts. If there were UFO files, they would likely have information on anything stored in the base, and some conspiracy theories suggest the site contains parts of an alien vessel. Others suggest there could be actual alien remains. Pope was not optimistic. “I would love there to be aliens,” he said. “The world would be a much more interesting place if we did have a spaceship in a hangar.” “But A, without wanting to sound too arrogant, I hope that I would have heard about it through having security clearance and need to know. “And B, yes, I know we can keep some secrets but in these days of whistleblowers and Wikileaks and Snowden and Manning and Assange, all of that, you’d think there would have been something tangible by now.” Roe, who has spent the last 16 years working with Narcap, patiently logging thousands of reports on unidentified aerial phenomena, is sceptical that any documents on alien life will be released any time soon. He said Clinton’s quest for information was likely doomed. “I don’t know that a president is even in the need to know on certain aspects of security. This might be one of those subjects,” he said. “She may not ever know about this stuff or ever get the access to it.” And even if Clinton did come across evidence of extraterrestrial life, Roe warned that the knowledge would come with a heavy burden. “This is some serious, serious stuff and a lot of our best minds, like Stephen Hawking, have suggested that any exposure to an extraterrestrial civilisation would be catastrophic,” he said. “It could be an extinction-level event.”

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True-Flying Saucers & UFO Quarterly #3 (Fall 1976)


Outer Space Music Pt 1 of 2 | NASA's Unexplained Files

What were the strange sounds picked up by the Apollo 10 crew ? Image Credit: NASA The crew of Apollo 10 recalled hearing strange 'space music' while orbiting the far side of the moon. The peculiar incident, which took place approximately two months before Apollo 11's historic moon landing, had come as such a surprise to the Apollo 10 astronauts that they had actually debated over whether or not they should even report what they had experienced back to NASA at all. Described as "strange, otherworldly music coming through the Apollo module's radio," the anomalous audio is understood to have been picked up during the spacecraft's traversal of the moon's dark side where all radio and visual contact with the Earth is lost for up to an hour. "It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music," one of the astronauts had said. "You hear that ? That whistling sound ? Whooooooooo ! Well, that sure is weird music !" The mysterious case, which had remained locked away in NASA's archives until relatively recently, is the subject of an upcoming Science Channel TV series entitled 'NASA's Unexplained Files." "The Apollo 10 crew was very used to the kind of noise that they should be hearing," said astronaut Al Worden who had himself flown to the moon as part of the Apollo 15 mission in 1971. "Logic tells me that if there was something recorded on there, then there was something there." "If you're behind the moon and hear some weird noise on your radio, and you know you're blocked from the Earth, then what could you possibly think ?" - See more at:

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Time could run backwards in parallel universe

Time could run backwards in parallel universe ------- Can time run backwards as well as forwards ? Image Credit: NASA/ESA/ESO ----- Scientists have put forward a new model in support of the idea that time can run in both directions. The idea that there could exist an almost limitless number of parallel universes is nothing new, but what if some of those alternative universes were actually running in reverse ? The concept of a backwards running universe has been around for some time, but now researchers from California and Massachusetts have come up with a new theory indicating that this bizarre phenomenon could arise based on much simpler principles that had been previously suggested. Key to this idea is the assertion that the direction in which time flows doesn't actually matter because it would still ultimately behave in accordance with the known laws of physics. We take our concept of time - one that flows forwards - for granted, but that doesn't mean it can't go backwards too. What this means is that there could exist a parallel universe where all the events that happened in the past from our perspective will actually be set to occur in the future. How this would work from a practical point of view however remains unclear - would dead people spring back to life, become progressively younger, turn in to babies and then be "unborn" ? While we are unlikely to ever experience such a universe ourselves, the possibilities of what it might be like certainly represent an interesting and mind-boggling thought exercise. - See more at: ds-in-parallel-universe#sthash.4SyD1wLc.dpuf