Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fate - v1n1 - 1948



  1. I have been downloading your PDFs successfully...until this one. The sendspace page refreshes but no download occurs. Any advice?

    Thanks for doing all this, by the way. It is very generous of you. For a newbie like me, starting from nothing, getting hold of hard copies of old UFO mags is a spotty and expensive endeavor. If not for PDFs, my knowledge of certain cases would be limited to (sometimes biased and trivial) retellings in books. Better to get contemporarty reports, before the cases became encased in legend.

  2. I checked the link it is still good.
    Don't know what's wrong.

  3. It's downloading now, thanks. Not sure what worked: tweaking my security settings or maybe the site had a temporary bottleneck.

    Anyway, I appreciate the service you provide. I have been impressed with people's generosity. I have emailed authors of old articles, editors of defunct journals, libraries holding collections, and even NICAP, and in nearly every case they sent me the items I was looking for. In turn, I've scanned a few articles for bloggers who had incomplete info about a subject.

    Thanks to all!

  4. OK. I've got lots of UFO magazines I want to scan.
    I want to scan more UFO Report issues I got most of the issues that came out.

  5. Glad someone likes this site, I never hear from anybody about it.
    I know my UFO mags are being downloaded, So I know they like the site.

  6. I have recommended your site on Twitter: